Falko Fish – Fish Professionals

We are a family business with traditions, acting on the area of Suwalki region for over 20 years. We skilfully combine traditions with taste. We deal with freshwater fishing and breeding and distribution of freshwater and sea fish and its import and export.

We direct our offer to wholesalers and retailers, who care for the high quality products, without chemical additives. We cooperate with the best specialists in terms of smoking – thanks to hiring a technologist from Lithuania we also offer fish prepared according to Lithuanian traditional recipes. We offer fresh, smoked and processed fish products.

We invite you to our sales points in Suwałki on Bakałarzewska street and Kowalskiego street, in Wiżajny – where our mobile store is located and in Sejny – right next to Biedronka discount.


Our fish wholesaler ”Falko” comes from a traditional family fish farm, we started out activities in 2007.

We deal with catching and wholesale of sea, freshwater and bred fish. We offer a vast variety of alive fish (eg. eel, carp, silver carp), fresh (eg.zander, pike, flounder) and processed (fish fillet).

We have our own magazine and special transportation means – refrigerated vehicles. Moreover, we offer transportation services from any place. We deliver fish on the area of the whole Europe.


Our company smokes fish using only traditional methods. This process is time consuming, but the effect is worth the time.

It divides into:
• cleaning the fish,
• brining (time depends on fish species and takes between 3 and 9 hours),
• rinsing and putting the fish on a hook,
• Smoking using natural method, according to our region’s tradition – using alder and hazel wood in the temperature of 40-70 *C.

We only use salt and wood for smoking. Thanks to that, the fish we produce are healthy, tasty, smell finely, and, what is the most important, does not contain any preservatives or any other chemicals.


We make use of 11 lakes from which we acquire indigenous fish species, such as zander, pike, eel, perch, bream, tench.

Because we have a breeding object, we obtain our own stocking material.

We use selective catching equipment, so that means we only catch fish of a specific weight, we do not use trawls or seines.


Suwałki, Bakałarzewska 38 street
We invite you to our company in Suwałki, Bakałarzewska street, where wholesales, smoke house, magazine and retail sales shop, where you can buy a single fish, are located in one place.

We also deal with wholesale. You do not have to worry about the transportation, because we deliver the wares directly to your location using one of our specialized vehicles.

We offer freshwater, sea and bred fish.


Monday – friday: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Saturday: 8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.


Bakałarzewska 38 street
16-400 Suwałki
Tax ID: 844 194 19 77
National Business Registry Number (REGON): 200142490
+48 87 735 11 88
+48 500 299 483

E-mail: hurtowniafalko@gmail.com